NEW! Ask Us Anything: What you need to know about Cam Newton’s car accident

The news about Cam Newton's car accident made me wonder what the repercussions will be for the driver who hit him. Were I to cause an accident and injure someone, famous or not, can you tell me the policy limits and coverage that I should have to protect me against injury, damage to vehicle, etc. Our answer? Read the full post...

The Best Worst Thing You Own

Fact: 1 In 22 Fires Is Caused By Something You Have In Your Home Right This Minute. Laundry is a weekly chore for most of us, but did you know that clothes dryers cause around 15,500 home structure fires, 29 deaths, 400 injuries and $192 million in direct property loss each year? Read on for causes, tips on determining if your dryer is at risk, and tips to prevent dryer fires.